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We gave this old kitchen a face lift.  In "ONE DAY"  we turned  it into stylish kitchen and chic dining room area.












We deliver the finest hardwood floors in Hawaii combined with the best craftsmanship available.

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Planning Hardwood Flooring Project

From inexpensive to high-end, handcrafted Hawaii hardwood flooring. Current Hawaii Hardwood, Hawaii Hardwood Flooring Projects, Hardwood Hawaii, Honolulu Hardwood Flooring, Refinishing Hardwood, Laminate, Pergo, flooring installation Choosing the right species (i.e. maple, oak, exotic, Brazilian cherry wood, prefinished, unfinished...etc) and installation to complement your setting can be a project in itself.   "Do I have to remove the old  floor?  Should I use hardwood or laminate flooring?  How much will it cost?"  Can I purchase wholesale? 


We offer Free Planning and Consulting Services.   Explore the possibilities and get a feel for what your room might look like using one of our professionals.  We will also offer free Demolition Services.  Removing your old floors to ensure a seamless and cost effective installation.   CALL 808.235.2281 FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE

Order Hardwood Flooring

Placing your order correctly can be the difference between inexpensive and astronomical.  We will obtain the exact measurements during our planning process to insure a cost effective order.   We will also deliver sample flooring material to assist you in making your final decision.  We order, deliver and install on all islands i.e. Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii.  Once we obtained the exact measurements of your project we will arrange shipment within 24 hours.  CALL 808.235.2281 FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE

Install Hardwood Flooring

Finally, the installation of your new floors will be conducted by our experienced installers in a timely manner.  We will manage this process closely from start to finish to ensure total satisfaction.

It is our goal to provide you with excellent service and quality workmanship.


Consider this!  Why wait? If you start the planning process now you will be one step closer to your dream.  Even if you decide not to proceed you will at least have a better idea of how the final product will look in your home and you can decide if this is feasible for you.

Product Selection, Hardwood and Laminate Flooring  

Hawaii Hardwood  

Rosewood Honolulu Hardwood FlooringWe offer a large selection of hardwood flooring  in Honolulu.  All materials are in-stock and available today!

Hawaii Laminate & Pergo

Maple Laminate PergoWe also offer a large selection of inexpensive laminate and pergo flooring  in Honolulu.  All materials are in-stock and available today!


Factors to consider when shopping for flooring in Hawaii.

  • Look & Feel and even the sound – of a floor are important.

  • Health - Doctors often recommend hardwood floors when their patients have allergies to dust and pet dander.

  • Longevity -  Can the floor be refinished and – if so – about how many times?

  • Durability - Will the floor stand up to the demands of everyday life? Hardwood floors certainly will. It’s no coincidence pro basketball courts have maple floors.

  • Installation & Maintenance - Will laying the floors pose any particular challenges? Is maintenance simple?

  • Cost - How much does an inexpensive floor really cost if it only lasts several years? Hardwood floors will last a lifetime.

  • Sustainability - American hardwood is sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly. Every year, this country’s hardwood forests grow twice as much wood as we harvest from them.




We can deliver Laminate and  Hardwood Flooring samples directly to your work site to help you choose the perfect floor for your home or business. This service is also FREE!


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